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PS5 Dualsense Custom modded Controller W/ 2 REMAPPED REAR BUTTONS X&O Like Scuf

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PS5 Dualsense Controller Custom modded Controller W/ 2 MAPPABLE REAR BUTTONS X&O

Professionally built PS5 Dualsense Controller. Controller has special features included!
2 Grip Buttons with X & O remaps on back.
Left for X and O for Right.


I have installed X and O Remaps on this controller.

What more can you ask for in a competition/Tournament ready controller!
These are one of a kind.
No one else has these features available at this time.
You Can be the very FIRST!!!

The speed and advantage you get in-game, gives you an advantage in game-play.
Trick shooting and combos are at your fingertips anytime without letting go of the analogs.

Other advantages of this feature.
It will save you much wear and tear on your Controller.
Buttons do not get worn out so quickly when you can use remaps.

So, Now here is what listed for auction today.

Brand new PS5 Dualsense Controller with 2 Remaps Buttons
This controller was professionally built and the quality can be felt in your hands.
This controller is not your average PS5 Controller.

The controller has 2 Buttons installed.
Everyone you know is going to want to try and use your controller.
Totally amazing to play with and all FPS games with this controller give you the advantage.

Will work with any game.
Third-person shooter, Sports Games, Action Games, Arcade games, pretty well any game can be used with this controller.
Your not locked into FPS only games when you have Remaps.

I also provide a FULL 45 Day Warranty on all my Controllers.
Professionally assembled & we test everything before shipping.
We give support / Customer service, as long as you own your Controller.

YOU ARE getting a quality built controller and not something thrown together by a seller who won’t support what they sell.

Take a look at my other auctions for more Custom Built Controllers!

If there are any questions, please just ask and will reply promptly with your answer.

We are priced below the competition and are selling a next-gen product NOW.

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